Singles, here are 4 signs you've met the person you'll be with for the rest of your life:

  • You disagree at least once a week. Studies show that couples that hash out their differences last longer than couples that never argue. That's because couples that don't argue are sweeping issues under the rug. But handling disagreements as they come up allows you to gain a deeper understanding of what's important to your partner, and learn to compromise.
  • You care about boring details. Falling in love causes changes in your brain's levels of dopamine and serotonin. The net effect: You can't help but focus on everything about your new flame. Which means every word they say - even if it's about what they ate for lunch - seems fascinating.
  • You find someone with the same priorities. Studies show that the happiest couples have long-term goals that are compatible, as well as similar ideas about hot-button topics, like money and parenting.
  • Your family and friends approve. Dr. Sam Hamburg is the author of Will Our Love Last? And he says if the people who care about you the most are behind the relationship, it's a sign you've met someone who treats you with the sort of caring and respect couples need for the long haul.