How do you know if someone likes you? Just read their body language! That’s the gist of the book Love Signals – from body language expert David Givens. Here are some of the subtle clues he says will let you know whether someone’s into you or not:

  • Look for mirroring. Like when you cross your legs, and a few moments later, your date crosses theirs too. Our expert says all living creatures show their attraction to others by mimicking their movements. That’s because many studies show that behaving in a similar way is reassuring, and helps promote bonding.

  • Lifted shoulders. Think of how you react whenever you “ooh” and “ahh” over a cute baby or puppy. Givens says we do the same thing when we’re around someone we’re attracted to. Because leaning forward, with our shoulders lifted, sends the message that we’re harmless, and that we want others to get closer to us! Biologists actually call it “the cute response.”

  • Take a look at your date's feet – they give away more than any other part of the body. That's because people’s feet are designed to react instantly to nearby threats without the need for conscious thought – like fires or snakes. So, if your date's feet are facing the door, they're not in to you and they're ready to bolt at a moment's notice. But if the person’s feet are pointed toward you, it’s a sign they’re “into” you.

  • And guys, look for this body language cue: When a woman gives you an upward glance by tilting her head down, and then look up at you from under her eyebrows with big eyes. Researchers say that move appeals to a man’s reproductive instincts. Because when a woman’s jaw appears smaller, and her eyes appear bigger – it suggests she’s more feminine and fertile.