This one’s for the guys: Does the girl like you or not? Greg Hartley is a former Army Special Forces interrogator and author of I Can Read You Like a Book. And he says women give off sure signs that they’re into you – or NOT. Here are a few:

  • First: She tilts her head. Hartley says when a woman feels comfortable with a man, she’ll tilt her head in any direction — right, left or down. If your crush does this, it’s a sign that she’s interested in getting to know you better.

  • Next: She takes a sip when you take a sip, when a woman is drawn to a guy, she’ll unconsciously mirror his actions, she might shift her body in the same direction as yours, or pick up her glass to drink when you do. If you want to test her, lean forward and see if she comes closer, too. If she does, you’re on the same wavelength, now, when should you throw in the towel? 

  • She crosses her arms when a woman places her hands in front of her body, especially if they’re crossed, she’s closing herself off from you. It’s a big red flag. Women are very intuitive, so even if she’s not consciously aware that she’s crossing her arms, she knows enough subconsciously to make her body language clear. 

  • And a second sign she’s NOT that into you: She offers you a “chin-up” smile. Smiles can say a lot - “I’m polite,” “I’m crazy about you,” and even, “I can’t stand you!” The message is in the chin placement. Hartley says a woman who gives you a relaxed, chin-down “soft smile” is smitten. But a full-on toothpaste grin or stiff, polite smile, both of which generally involve the chin raised up, mean either “I like you as a friend” or “I wanna get out of here!” If you get one of these, it’s best to move along.