Who’s the one person you should never keep secrets from? Your doctor! Because keeping mum could lead to incorrect diagnosis and treatment. Still, about one-third of us lie to our doctors – and they know we do. Here are the top things they hate to hear: 

  • First, “Nothing’s changed since my last visit.” Doctors need to know more than what’s changed medically, like back pain. They also need to know about lifestyle changes, like if your job or your relationship is stressful. Because chronic stress can cause high blood pressure, migraines, stomach trouble, and heart palpitations. So, tell them what’s changed in your life and in your health. 

  • You doctor also doesn’t want to hear: “I’m not taking anything.” Over half the population takes supplements – which can cause drug interactions and other problems. For example, fish oil is a blood thinner, and shouldn’t be taken with other blood thinners, like aspirin. And you should also stop taking fish oil a week before dental work or surgery. So, give your doctor a list of every supplement, vitamin, and painkiller you take. 

  • What else do doctors hate? Doorknob dawdlers. Patients who bring up their biggest worry as the doctor grabs the doorknob to leave. The fix: Jot down your concerns – and share them the moment the doctor walks in the room. That way, they’ll know what to look for when they examine you.

  • Doctors also hate scale avoiders who refuse to weigh in. They’re not there to judge. They’re there to help. And they need to track your weight from year to year to know the best health advice to give you.