It's no surprise when couples break up because of abuse or infidelity. But here are some other behaviors you may not think about, which should be considered deal breakers for any relationship. They come from psychiatrist Dr. Marcia Sirota:

  • Deal breaker #1: Selfishness. Dr. Sirota says the point of a relationship is to share your life with someone else. So if you feel like someone's always holding back his or her thoughts, feelings or time from you, then you need to move on because selfishness leads to alienation and a lack of intimacy.
  • The next deal breaker: Contempt. That's when you feel disrespected by your partner, or they act like it's a drag to be with you. Dr. Sirota says contempt's the exact opposite of what a healthy relationship needs because it leaves people feeling hurt, angry or confused. You should be with someone who always acts proud to know you.
  • A third deal-breaking behavior: Shaming. Like if someone makes you feel stupid, either alone or in front of others. Dr. Sirota describes that as the "kiss of death" for relationships because couples are supposed to support each other not tear each other down.
  • The last deal breaker: Constant nagging. Our expert says most people want to feel like their relationship is a "safe haven" away from the demands of life. So if you dread spending time together, because your partner's always nagging you to do something, that's a red flag that the relationship needs work.