Need another reason to get a flu shot ASAP? How about four! Experts say that most people don’t get a flu shot, because they believe some of the myths and misconceptions floating around. But the fact is, 1-in-5 of us will get the flu this winter. And 200,000 people will end up in the hospital in the U.S. alone. So, let’s help you avoid the flu this year, by busting open a few myths:

  • Myth #1: Only the elderly, small children, and people with compromised immune systems need a flu shot. That’s not true. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are – the flu can make anybody seriously ill. And even if you never get any symptoms, you could still pass the virus on to everyone you breathe on, or who touches anything you just touched.

  • Myth #2: You can get the flu from the flu vaccine. Wrong again. The viruses used in vaccines to boost your immunity have all been killed. So, scientists say there’s nothing in the shot that can possibly make you sick.

  • Myth #3: You need a doctor’s appointment to get a shot. Nope. Most drugstores and clinics offer appointment-free vaccines to anyone who walks in the door. Or hits a drive-thru clinic.

  • Myth #4: If you’ve got a cold, you should wait to get a shot. That’s not true either. Experts say that as long as you don’t have a major illness, and don’t have a fever higher than 101 degrees – it won’t hurt your health to get a flu shot.