Women are better than men! That’s a quote from legal analyst Dan Abrams, who’s written a new book called Man Down which scientifically examines the differences between the sexes. Here are a few of the facts he uncovered:

#1: Women handle rocky relationships better than men. The cliché is that when things get rough, women cry and overeat, while men are all: “I’m over it let’s watch the game already!” But research shows that men suffer more during a bad relationship. That’s because they don’t turn to people for support the way women do, making it harder for them to cope with difficult feelings.

Another truth from legal analyst Dan Abrams: Women are better drivers. Why? Because they’re more careful. One study found that male drivers are 77 percent more likely to die in a car wreck than female drivers. And a 5-year study found that male drivers were involved in 80 percent of the crashes in New York City that led to serious pedestrian injuries or deaths.

Women also tolerate pain better than men. Females experience more pain during their lifetime – like childbirth. But studies also show that the female brain is wired to experience pain.  And the more pain you face, the more used to it you get. A recent study of military vets found that female soldiers were less likely to say they’re in pain than male soldiers.  And when test subjects held their hands in freezing water, women lasted 19 percent longer than men.

Finally, the experts also say that women make better cops. Studies show that female police officers may be more trustworthy, and less corruptible.  They’re also less likely to rely on brute force, making them better at defusing violent situations.