What’s the deal with Fido? Here’s the explanation behind a few seemingly bizarre dog behaviors:

  • Why do dogs hide treats rather than eat or chew on them? You give your dog a bone and then he buries it. What’s the deal? In the olden days – when dogs roamed in nature and didn’t live comfortably in their master’s houses – Fido may not have known where his next meal was coming from. So, if he found extra food, he’d stash it away in case he ran out of things to eat. Will dogs be able to remember where they buried their bone? Yep.  They’ll always be able to locate it with their keen sense of smell.

  • Why do dogs lick their lips? This is a sign of nervousness, anxiety, and submission. Pay attention the next time you’re talking to your nervous friend. People do it, too.

  • Why do they “run” in their sleep? Experts believe it’s because they’re dreaming about precisely what you might think they’re dreaming about – chasing a squirrel or some other creature.Your pup could even be revisiting some great memory of the previous day – like if he triumphantly ran a cat up a tree.

  • Why do they stick their head out of the car window during drives? Because it’s fun. Dogs – like many humans – enjoy the feel of wind on their faces. Also, when they put their nose out the window, they can smell the various neighborhoods they’re passing through. Since a dog’s nose is a hundred times more sensitive than ours, they largely “see” through their sense of smell. So sniffing around while you cruise is their way of getting to know the areas you’re driving through. However, be aware that dogs can get hurt by flying pebbles thrown up by other cars, particularly if their eyes are hit. So consider investing in a pair of “doggie goggles” for Fido before you hit the road. Just go to Doggles.com.