It’s not unusual to have strangers in our homes, whether it’s a repair man, a housekeeper, or the cable guy. Most of them are honest. But some of them are just there to case the place so they can burglarize it later.

For example, one woman in Louisiana called a cable company for installation. The subcontractor they sent over cased the place, learned her habits and routines.  And a year later, he broke into her house, tied her up, and forced her to give up the PIN number to her debit card.

So before you let strangers into your home, here are a few precautions to take: 

  • First, never hire anyone without checking their references.

  • Another way to keep your home safe from scammers: Make sure the contractor is properly licensed and insured in your area – not in another state. A company with an up-to-date license won’t risk losing it by sending shady workers.

  • Also, never leave a contractor alone in your home. When a job lasts several months, it’s natural to form a bond. But remember, they’re NOT your friends – they’re paid contractors.

  • And, tell your neighbors when the job is done.  Let them know that they shouldn’t expect any more contractors or workers around your house.  And if they see any, to call the police.