Every year, car manufacturers trot out cool new technological advances. Here are a few that should be on the road in the next year or two:

First: A lot of today’s cars have keyless entry and ignition.  But soon, your car will recognize you from a camera in the door, or by syncing to the smartphone in your pocket.

Also, plenty of today’s cars “remember” seat-and-mirror preferences for multiple drivers, and can reconfigure things at the touch of a button. But upcoming models will use fingerprint ID, or voice or facial recognition. And if another family member drove the car last, it’ll automatically readjust the driver’s seat, change the radio station and turn on the A/C or heat according to your preferences.

Another tech update for cars will come from the road itself! Soon, there’ll be constant high speed Wi-Fi connectivity along busy highways.  So, backseat drivers will be able to stream movies, TV shows and games on-the-go or even tap into your home DVR. So if you stopped watching a movie in the middle – you can get in the car and pick up where you left off at home. 

Also, some of today’s cars already offer lane-drift correction and drowsiness warnings where the vehicle auto-taps the brakes, or rumbles the steering wheel if it thinks you’re nodding off or will flat-out tell you to stop and rest. But soon, there’ll be sensors that can measure blood alcohol levels through your fingers. And lock your transmission in park or send a text to a designated driver, telling them you need a ride home.