You don’t have to kill yourself on the treadmill to burn calories. Here are simple moves you can make every day at the gym, office, or your home that’ll burn off hundreds of extra calories: 

  • First: Skip your morning latte, and pour yourself a cup of green tea. One study found that people who drank green-tea three times a day burned an extra 60 calories a day. That equals about six pounds a year. Experts say green tea is a great calorie burner because it contains catechins, which increase levels of metabolism-speeding brain chemicals. 

  • Then, what’s a huge calorie burning move at the gym? Lifting weights, which increases our resting metabolic rate – that’s the number of calories we burn while simply sitting down and doing nothing. And our body stays in calorie-burning mode for up to two hours after the last bench press.

  • Then, did you know that drinking milk can help you lose weight? One study found that people who ate low-fat dairy products four times a day lost 70-percent more fat than those that avoided dairy. That’s because the calcium in dairy activates your metabolic system - which tells our body to burn excess fat faster. 

  • And the final way to burn extra calories: Do different exercises every day. For example, instead of running every day, run one day, play tennis the next, and bike ride the day after. Switching up your exercises works different muscles, so it's a more intense workout. And that translates to a greater calorie burn because your body is working significantly harder.