When it comes to living to be 100, new research shows there’s not one big rule we should all follow. Instead there’s a bunch of smaller daily habits that can add up to good health and a longer life.

That’s according to Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones. He spent years researching places where people live to 100 and beyond at a significantly higher rate than the rest of the world. They include places like Costa Rica - Okinawa, Japan - and the Greek island of Ikaria. And people who live in blue zones are up to three times more likely to live to be 100 than people in America.

So, here are some of the daily habits researchers have found, that add up to a longer life:

  • First: A new study in the journal Vascular Medicine, shows that people who drink a cup of boiled Greek coffee once a day – not the filtered stuff we normally drink in North America – tend to have better long-term heart health because it has a higher concentration of plant compounds and antioxidants.

  • Our longevity can also be increased by taking a daily midday nap which is a proven way to lower stress. 

  • Also, living with a sense of purpose can extend our lives simply because it gives us a reason to want to get out of bed every day.

  • And statistics show that people who reserve one day a week for rest and spending time with their family – like the Seventh Day Adventists – live up to 7 years longer than people who don’t!

In fact, a common thread researchers found in all blue zones is that they offer a sense of community, where everyone feels included - no matter how old they are. 

That’s why Buettner recommends combining certain lifestyle choices with stronger social connections. Like, instead of just drinking boiled Greek coffee, have your coffee with a good friend.

Because as this new research shows: There’s no one big thing we can all do to live longer but doing lots of little things can absolutely add up to a longer, healthier life.