Gender isn’t supposed to matter when it comes to hiring, but science proves that sometimes, even in professions traditionally held by men, women may be better suited to getting the job done.

  • For example, professional driving jobs, like cab drivers or big rig drivers. The statistics show that the roads would be safer if there were more women behind the wheel. That’s because men are more likely to take risks, like drunk driving and speeding, which is why 77-percent of drivers responsible for fatal accidents are men.

  • Go ahead and hand the video game controls to your girlfriend. Women make better video gamers. Of course, more men play these games, but that’s because the games are three times more likely to light up the reward centers in the male brain. That can lead to video game addiction, which men are more prone to, and bad decision making.

  • Also a lack of testosterone makes women better at investing money. Men hang onto stocks too long because testosterone makes them take more risks, whereas women sell before it’s too late. So female investors have nearly twice the returns as men do.

  • The final male-dominated job women are good at: Being a soldier. Women are no more likely to have PTSD than men, even though they’re considered more emotional, and female soldiers report pain less often than male soldiers.