Some of the clothes in your closet could be putting your health at risk. Here are the facts: * First: Tight, low-rise jeans. They can cause numbness in the outer thigh, because overly-tight jeans compress the nerves in the leg. Emergency room specialist Dr. Jennifer Hanes says it's even called 'tight pants syndrome' - and has sent a lot of people to the neurologist's office. She says the damage is similar to what can happen to men with beer bellies whose belts are too tight. The fix: Protect your nerves by buying your jeans and belts in an appropriate size. * Another clothing danger: Damp bathing suits and sweaty workout clothes. Board-certified gynecologist Dr. Allison Hill says that wearing wet clothes can cause yeast infections. And a red, inflamed rash along the creases between your legs and pelvis. The fix: Change out of tight or wet clothing as soon as possible. Keep cool and dry by wearing cotton instead of synthetic fabrics. And after you shower, thoroughly dry your nooks and crannies with a cool hair dryer. * Also, beware of the too-tight bra. Experts say it's rare, but it can cause everything from skin irritations, to fungal infections, to breathing problems. But the biggest problem is that a too-tight bra can cause mastitis in pregnant and breastfeeding women - which is an infection of the mammary glands that can cause pain, swelling, fever and chills. The fix: Get properly fitted for bras. * One final item in your closet that can hurt your health: Compression shapewear. Sure, it can help you fit into slinky dresses and tight pants. But if your shapewear's too tight, it can cause, bladder infections, nerve damage, breathing issues, and even life-threatening blood clots. The fix: Don't wear shapewear that's so tight you can't move or breathe. You're better off wearing losing weight so you don't need to squish yourself into anything.