Researchers have a warning for you: Your healthy seeming habits could be damaging your body – big time. So, here are a few unhealthy moves to avoid:

  • Drinking diet soda. It sounds like an easy way to cut calories and lose weight – but it can have the exact opposite effect! In fact, a new study found that people who drank diet soda every day saw their waistlines expand five times more over a decade than those that didn't drink any soda – diet or otherwise. Calorie-free soda can also put you on the kidney transplant waiting list! A Harvard University study found that consuming just 2 diet sodas a day doubles your risk of kidney damage. And experts say the main culprit is artificial sweetener.

  • Exercising just to lose weight. Of course, exercise is great to keep your body strong – but it’s not the best weight loss method. That’s because there are two factors working against you: Number one: Exercise can increase appetite. So people often end up eating MORE, negating all the calories they burned. And number two: People often REWARD themselves with food for working out. So exercise to stay fit – but to lose weight, you have to eat less. 

  • Taking too many vitamins and supplements. More is not better when it comes to some vitamins. That’s because vitamins like A, E, K and D are stored in your fat cells. If you have too much, they can build up in your body, getting more and more toxic. One study even found that too much vitamin A increased the risk of death by 16 percent, because it increases the risk of liver damage and pressure around the brain.

  • The same goes for medical tests. The reality is, you may be needlessly exposing yourself to a ton of radiation. For example, a CT scan that isn’t medical necessary – can expose you to the radiation equivalent of 50 chest X-rays. So don’t have any tests done that aren’t medically necessary.