Thanks to our friend Dr. Mehmet Oz, here’s some of the best health wisdom from around the globe:

  • First a health secret from Panama: Drink more cocoa, but use the unsweetened kind, found in the baking aisle. A study found that, generally speaking, Panamanians have a 10% lower risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. That’s attributed to the fact that they drink a lot of unsweetened cocoa, because the flavanols in cocoa help increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. So add a tablespoon of the powder to warm milk and sweeten it with honey.

  • Another health secret comes from India: Eat more curry. As we’ve said before, Indian meals use curry powder, which contains turmeric, a spice that’s been linked a lower risk for Alzheimer’s. In fact, one of the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s is found in India! So once a week, Dr. Oz recommends eating a vegetable or chicken dish that’s loaded with curry.

  • The next health secret is from the Netherlands: Ride a bicycle. Statistics show the average Dutch citizen pedals almost two miles a day. A study found that those who ride bikes live up to 14 months longer than those who only drive cars!

  • The last health secret comes from Greece: Take more naps. In a major new study, researchers found that Greek adults who napped at least 30 minutes three times a week had a 37-percent lower risk of dying from heart disease!