Do you have more than one headache a week? Here are a few headache prevention tips that should bring some relief: 

  • #1: Open your windows. According to study at Johns Hopkins, homes that are always closed up have higher levels of headache triggers like mold, air pollution, and chemicals from cleaning products. In fact, experts say that poor indoor air quality causes 1 in every 4 headaches. And just a few minutes will do. Just leave your windows open long enough to swap some of the old air for new. 

  • Another headache-prevention tip: Put on your sunglasses BEFORE you go outside. Researchers at UCLA found that more than a-third of headaches are triggered by sudden blasts of sunlight. That’s because when bright light hits our retinas, and our pupils slam shut, it activates the pain nerves in our brain. 

  • Also: Warm up before you exercise. Columbia University neurologists found that almost one-third of us get a headache within 5 hours of working out. That’s because rapid changes in blood flow trigger swelling of the brain’s tiny blood vessels, which begin to ache later on. So, spend the first 10-minutes exercising at a leisurely pace before you let ‘er rip – which allows your blood vessels to slowly adjust to the increased flow and pressure. 

  • The final headache-prevention tip: Stop hitting the snooze button. 80-percent of headache sufferers get one if they lounge in bed too long after waking up. That’s because your blood pressure drops while you sleep. And when you wake up, it returns to “daytime normal.” But if you’re still lying down, it’s harder for your brain to regulate blood flow than when you’re standing up, and the blood vessels in your brain are more likely to spasm. So get up when the alarm goes off to avoid a headache.