They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Here are 4 more foods you may want to add to your daily diet. These will give you even fewer reasons to call the doctor. 

  • The first food you should eat every day: Yogurt. Eating 7-ounces of yogurt each day had the same immunity boosting effects as popping a daily vitamin supplement! Why? Because yogurt’s loaded with the “good” bacteria your body needs to keep harmful germs out of your digestive system. But stick with non-fat Greek yogurt. It’s richer and creamier than regular yogurt, has twice the protein, and has a lot fewer calories.

  • You can also keep the doctor away by eating more: Mushrooms. New research shows that compounds in mushrooms increase the body’s production of white blood cells – making them more aggressive at fighting off infections! So try to include a handful of mushrooms in at least one meal each day.

  • A 3rd immunity-boosting food: Tea. Immunologists at Harvard report that people who drank 5 cups of tea every day had 10 times more cold and flu-fighting proteins in their body! But know this: The virus fighting benefits of tea kick-in long before 5 cups. Adding just 2 full cups of black or green tea to your daily diet may protect you from common dangers like food poisoning, athlete’s foot, or even malaria! It may even help slow the growth of cancerous tumor cells.

  • Here’s one more food you should eat every day: Garlic. A study found that people who ate garlic extract every day for 3 months were 67-percent less likely to catch a cold! Garlic’s also been shown to cut your risk for stomach and colorectal cancer by more than 30-percent! So aim to include at least 2 cloves of crushed or raw garlic in your meals every day.