You don’t need to run to the pharmacy next time you’re in pain or have certain medical conditions. Instead, take a detour to your kitchen! Here are a few foods that can cure common ailments: 

  • For example, you can fight arthritis pain with ginger! The root contains chemicals that reduce inflammation - just like medications like ibuprofen. In fact, a University of Georgia study found that eating 1 teaspoon of ginger a day reduces pain by 25-percent. And University of Maryland researchers found that people with arthritis who took ginger daily needed much less pain medication. So get your dose by steeping ginger slices in hot water to make “tea" or sprinkling it in smoothies or stirring it in oatmeal.

  • Then, to lower your blood pressure eat sweet potatoes! They’re rich in potassium and magnesium, a super nutrient combo which combats sodium, and can dramatically lower blood pressure. 

  • If you need some steady energy, fix yourself a snack of edamame! It contains protein and fiber — which keep your blood sugar level steady. That’s key – because studies show that extreme fluctuations in blood sugar can boost stress, and make you irritable. 

  • And the final health booster in your kitchen is coffee! New research shows that drinking about 3 cups of coffee a day lowers your risk of cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Researchers believe it’s because coffee’s caffeine and antioxidants work together to prevent the buildup of proteins and plaque that damage nerves synapses in your brain.