Sometimes, bad sounding foods aren’t so bad after all – like fried chicken, burgers, and beer! That’s the word from Dr. Robert Davis, who wrote the book Coffee Is Good For You. Here’s what he says you need to know about some common food myths:

  • Myth #1: Fried food makes you fat. Actually, it depends on how the food’s fried. Because a piece of chicken, for example, fried at the right temperature, can be as healthy as roasted chicken! Experts say it’s because when the oil is hot enough, it creates steam pressure inside the food, that blocks oil from being absorbed. So, even though the food is fried, it’s not soaking up the oil. In fact, a piece of fried chicken only has 16 more calories than a piece of roasted chicken – if it’s fried properly, which means the oil needs to be heated to at least 350 degrees.

  • Myth #2: Pick the grilled chicken sandwich over the burger – it’s healthier. That’s false. In fact, the average grilled-chicken sandwich has 100 calories more than an equal size burger! And because many chicken patties are injected with salt water to keep them moist, chicken sandwiches can have double the amount of sodium as burgers, which is bad for our hearts.

  • Myth #3: Red wine is better for you than beer. According to a new study from the University of Texas, wine is no healthier than beer or liquor! Because it’s the alcohol itself – not the form it comes in – that sweeps away plaque in blood, and lowers our cholesterol levels. So, whether you prefer wine or beer, the key is to drink no more than one drink daily.

  • Myth #4: Gluten-free foods are healthier than foods made with wheat. Experts say that’s only true if you have celiac disease. Otherwise, avoiding wheat could be doing more harm than good because whole wheat contains important nutrients, like folate, B vitamins, and iron. Plus, gluten-free products tend to add fat and sugar – to make up for the loss of chewiness from gluten.