Here and now, I have list of easy solutions for some unwanted odors in your life:

  • Odor #1: Your stinky kitchen sink. Considering it’s where we dump everything from dirty dishes to raw chicken juice, it’s no wonder the average sink contains one thousand times more bacteria than a toilet! The fix? Once a week, pour two cups of distilled vinegar down the drain. Studies show that’ll kill 99-percent of the bacteria, mold, and germs that cause odors.

  • Next, how do you tackle: Stinky feet? Soak them in apple cider vinegar for about 10 minutes a day. The vinegar will help wipe out foot fungus, while the apple scent will mask the odor. And make sure you wear cotton socks with your shoes, since cotton wicks away the moisture that causes most foot odors to start.

  • Another unwanted odor: Stinky armpits. Your body can become resistant to deodorant, if you’ve been using the same brand for years. That’s from Dr. Han Lee, professor of dermatology at USC. He points out that sweaty armpits harbor smelly bacteria. And just as bacteria can build up immunity to antibiotics, they can also become resistant to the ingredients in your deodorant. The solution? Switch deodorant brands every 6 months or so. And you may want to skip the body wash and go back to regular soap. Body washes can leave a film on your skin, so your deodorant can’t adhere properly. 

  • Finally, let’s talk about your: Overall B.O. For occasional stinkiness, swap your regular soap for something with a pine or lemongrass scent. Experts say many hunters use those soaps to mask their scent from animals, and if it works in the wild, it’ll work around other people too. But if your B.O. seems unusually strong, or you’re dealing with odor every day, then it may be time to see a doctor, ecause that could be a sign of a metabolic disorder, or other health problems!