Here’s the dirty truth about hotel rooms. This comes an industry insider - so it’s the real deal. K. W. Callahan spent over a decade in the hospitality business and here are the secrets of the average hotel room:

  • First: "Eco-Friendly" could mean dirty sheets. In order to save water, some hotels don’t change the sheets between guests unless they look dirty. The fix? Do what many hotel employees do when they’re traveling - ask for fresh linens when you check in.

  • And while the linens are being changed: It’s a good opportunity to look for signs of bedbugs. According to Pest Control Technology magazine, hotels account for almost 40% of exterminator bedbug calls. Inspect the sides and creases of the mattress for the reddish-brown or black marks bedbugs leave behind. 

  • Also, beware of the bedspread.Most hotel rooms don't have a lot of seating and since the bed is the largest surface area in the average hotel room, it’s the place people sit and eat. Some parents even change diapers on the beds. So beware of snuggling up to a throw pillow on the bed.

  • Another tip about hotel rooms from industry insiders: Go out for coffee. According to the experts, in-room coffee makers don’t get a lot of attention from housekeeping. Also, a lot of guests use the coffee-makers for non-coffee-related activities. Callahan has found bodily fluid in them and cigarette butts. And don’t ever use coffee stirrers that aren’t sealed. You never know if a kid stuck one up his nose.