These come from the book Love Tune-Ups by Angela Watrous.

  • "Quickie date." No, it's not what you're thinking! It's a mini date, like getting together for coffee after work or grabbing a quick slice of pizza together at lunch. Basically, something that doesn't take a lot of planning but helps you connect when you're really busy.

  • "Outdoors-y date." This can encompass anything from biking to hiking to taking a walk in the woods together. The reason this date is important is because being in nature puts your life in perspective. You see that the little stuff that bugs you on a daily basis just doesn't matter. Being in nature leads to more thoughtful conversations, stuff that goes beyond, "how was your day?"

  • "Flashback date." It's a trip down memory lane to the restaurant where you got engaged or the amusement park you went to on your first date. This date is crucial because as time goes by most couples lose that romantic spark; it's only natural. But going back to those places is a good way to remind yourself of that heat you once generated.

  • "Sleepover date." One night together, out of the house, just the two of you. This date is especially important for couples with children. It gives you a rejuvenating change of scenery and a break from everyday chores and bills. It gives you the ability to focus on how much you love each other.