In most workplaces, certain employee habits drive everybody nuts. In fact, the crazy-maker could even be you. So, here’s a list of the most annoying worker-types:

  • The first annoying type: The Noisemaker. In one survey, 30-percent of people said they worked with someone who made loud, repetitive, annoying noises – like popping gum, or chewing ice. And remember, nobody can see your bag of chips during a conference call, but they can certainly hear it. 

  • Another annoying worker type: The Stink-Bomber. According to the book, "Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy," half of all employees have a coworker with bad breath or body odor - or who wears too much cologne or aftershave. And if you’re a smoker, everyone within a 10-foot radius can smell it when you’ve had your nicotine fix. 

  • Then there’s Mr. Chit-Chat. Everybody’s got work to do, so, spending too much time sharing the story of your weekend – or discussing the new cast of Dancing with the Stars - can be incredibly annoying and disruptive. Etiquette expert Carolyn Hax says that if you’re chatting away, and someone keeps stealing glances at their computer screen, let them get back to work! 

  • The final annoying co-worker: The Space Invader. That’s the pesky person who’s always popping into your cubicle to “borrow” your office supplies without asking. Or who’s so “touchy-feely,” they hug, pat, and poke everyone within reach – even when it makes coworkers uncomfortable. Experts say it’s important to remember that a cubicle is someone’s personal space, so, pretend it has a door, and never go inside without permission. And limit physical contact to handshakes.