Want to be more successful at work? Then here’s a list of things you should stop doing. Because these are the bad habits that CEOs and hiring managers say are the most likely to sabotage our success at work!

At the top of the list, using bad grammar. Many surveys show that hiring managers will reject applicants if the find a single spelling error on their résumé. Experts say it’s because misspellings, bad punctuation, and poor grammar send the message that either you don’t know any better, or you just don’t care about details.  And to get ahead in any business, details matter!

The 2nd bad habit that’ll ruin your career: Flakiness. Like when you consistently miss deadlines, or are late for work. When that happens again and again, it tells people that you’re disorganized and that’s a deal-breaker for most employers.

You also won’t succeed if you bad-mouth people. Whether you’re complaining about a co-worker, or a former boss, experts say bad-mouthing will never help you get ahead. Because when you say “the last two companies I worked for were terrible,” what others hear is this: “I’m difficult to work with.”

One more bad habit that’ll sabotage your career: Not having a purpose. Today, every company has what bosses call “ping pong people,” who bounce around between distractions at work - like email, Facebook, and phone calls. But the people who succeed tend to be the ones who can block out distractions, because they have something meaningful they want to accomplish, and they attack it every day.