Our looks say a lot about our lifestyle. In fact, here are some of the ways people can guess our bad habits, just by looking at our face. This comes from dermatologist Dr. Tabi Leslie:

  • First, our saggy cheeks tell people that we probably enjoy happy hour. That’s because alcohol is 50-percent sugar, and studies show that a diet high in sugar slows the production of collagen and elastin, which are two building blocks of healthy skin. Also, alcohol triggers the release of cortisol, the stress hormone that causes our body to retain water and store fat. The result is a bloated-looking face that, over time, becomes saggy and loses elasticity, especially around the neck and eyes.

  • Next, our watery eyes tells people that we’re not getting enough sleep. Believe it or not, watery eyes are a tell-tale sign that we have dry eyes, because when our eyes are dry, our tear glands overreact and produce more tears. And experts say two of the most common causes of dry eyes are spending too much time staring at screens, like our smartphone, and not getting enough sleep. That’s because the longer we stare at screens, or stay awake, the less likely we are to blink, and it’s blinking that normally lubricates our eyes and keeps them healthy.

  • Also know this: Having a pasty, white complexion tells people we don’t eat enough vegetables. Because fruits and vegetables contain pigments called carotenoids, which not only give produce its color, but they also get deposited in our skin, to create a natural, healthy glow. In fact, a recent study found that people who ate just 3 portions of fruits and vegetables a day had a skin tone similar to a suntan within weeks.