Allergy season is in full swing. So, it’s time to share a few myths about allergies in general. This comes from allergist, Dr. Dan Dalan. 

  • First, True or False: Most allergies are caused by flowers. That’s False. People are allergic to airborne pollen. And the pollen in most flowers stays put until bees and other insects spread it around. The fact is, most allergies are caused by wind-pollinated trees and grasses. 

  • So, what about the myth that eating local honey can prevent seasonal allergies? That’s also False. Bees use only flower pollen to make honey – not the pollen from allergy-making trees and grasses. So, eating the local honey won’t help build up your immunity. 

  • Another myth: Moving to an arid climate will get rid of your allergies. The answer is maybe. If you’re allergic to mold or dust mites, you would be better off in a drier climate, like Arizona or Colorado. But Dr. Dalan warns that you could move away from one allergy-causing plant, only to discover that the plants near your new place trigger allergies you didn’t even know you had. 

  • Another myth about allergies: You can’t develop allergies as an adult. Unfortunately you CAN develop allergies as an adult. Exposure to new allergens can trigger asthma or allergies where none existed before.