A lot of people assume forgetfulness, fatigue and achy joints are just normal signs of getting old.

Actually, they could have more to do with your diet! Here are some common symptoms we often blame on aging, along with some foods cures.

  • Symptom #1: You’re forgetful. Dr. Andrew Weil directs the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. He says forgetfulness is a sign that you’re not eating enough omega-3 fatty acids. When that happens, the structure of the brain weakens, and brain function suffers. The fix? Boost your omega-3s by having at least two servings of fish a week, and eat a handful of nuts daily – preferably walnuts.

  • Aging symptom #2: You have low energy. Assuming you’re getting enough sleep, doctors say fatigue is a classic sign of a vitamin B-12 deficiency. That’s because B-12 helps regulate your metabolism, and is key to maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. Fatigue is especially common in vegans, since B-12 is found only in foods derived from animals.

  • The next aging symptom: Your joints ache. In most cases, wellness doctors say you can reverse the pain from achy joints by adding more manganese and copper to your diet. You’ll find those in nuts, spinach, and lean beef.

  • One more aging symptom: You have rising blood pressure. Experts say high blood pressure happens when there’s not enough potassium in your diet, since potassium is essential for removing excess salt from the body. In fact, people have been known to drop their blood pressure as much as 30 points in a week, simply by cutting salt and eating more potassium! Foods high in potassium include bananas, apricots, cantaloupe and sweet potatoes.