If you come home exhausted from work everyday, you can’t always blame your job or your boss. Here are a few workplace traps that could be draining your mental and physical energy: 

  • #1: Constantly checking email, Facebook, or Twitter. Psychiatrists at King's College in London monitored the IQs of office workers. The result: People who routinely checked their email or Facebook page became so mentally fatigued that their IQ scores declined by 10 points! 

  • Another office energy trap: Skipping breaks. Tony Schwartz is coauthor of Power of Full Engagement. And he says that after an hour of mental activity, your ability to process information decreases. But you can reset your attention span by taking a 5-minute walk. And you’ll know you’re due for a break if you start yawning, stretching, or find your mind wandering. 

  • The final energy trap is bad for you in more ways than one: Negativity. Psychologist Dr. Martin Seligmann says that complaining all the time perpetuates a pessimistic attitude. One that reduces your efficiency and productivity. And being too negative could earn you a pink slip.