What’s the #1 reason women fail in the workplace? Fear! That’s according to Mireille
Guiliano.  She’s the former CEO of the fancy champagne brand Veuve Clicquot. She’s written a workplace advice book called Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire where she analyzes why French women are better able to create their own opportunities – and how you can too.

She says that many women – even those with advanced degrees and plenty of experience - are afraid of job interviews. They’re also scared to move to another state or country for a job and afraid to take a promotion. But there are ways to move beyond that fear.

#1: Tap into your savoir-faire. In French it means “to know” and “to do” and it’s the ability to say or do the right or graceful thing. When it comes to the business world, it means using your knowledge and experience to create your own opportunities. For example, if you meet someone at a party who has your dream job.  Tell them you’re interested, ask how they got into the field, and give them your card.

The next business tip we can take from French women: Have confidence in yourself. Almost everyone who gets a new job or a promotion faces new challenges and has to learn new things. And most of them do just fine. So, expect that you’ll do fine, too.

Another tip for women in the workplace: Stop working 24/7. French women almost never take business calls or read work emails on weekends, with their family, at the movies, or at a restaurant. They’ve learned to create a separation between their work life and their personal life.  And that way they’re more rested and ready to tackle their jobs than their workaholic peers.

Again, the book is called _Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire. _