In the dating pool? Here are some truths you need to know about so you can get your love life on track. Agree, disagree – let me hear about it at

  • Number one: Ladies let the guy make the first move. I thought this sounded pretty old-fashioned. But according to relationship experts it’s better to smile at him, but then wait for him to come to you. Why? Well, a Northwestern University study discovered that the person who does the approaching usually ends up falling harder.

  • Dating truth number two: When you’re on a date, go ahead and talk about your differences. It’s true that talking about things you have in common makes you feel familiar and helps establish a connection – but it’s okay to talk about any experiences or hobbies that are different. According to experts, being exposed to new or unfamiliar subjects increases the chemical dopamine in our bodies. That’s a feel-good chemical that can help build interest.

  • Finally: Don’t "friend" a guy you're dating on Facebook. You may think it’ll help you get to know each other better. But a study published in the journal CyberPsychology and Behavior found that being Facebook friends with the person you're seeing increases relationship jealousy. It also leads to a sense of over familiarity that can ruin a relationship, especially in the early stages.