We rounded up a few of the most unusual health tips we’ve found recently. These may not save your life, but they certainly have the potential to improve your day.

  • First: If you have a cast, and an itch you can’t scratch: Scratch the same spot on the opposite side of your body. According to the experts at the University of Notre Dame Hospital, that may fool your brain into thinking you're scratching the real itch. Because you’ve got mirrored pairs of nerves running up both side of your body. If that doesn’t help, use a hair dryer to blow warm air under the cast. Your nerves can’t transmit heat and itch signals at the same time, so they’ll probably ignore the less-important itchiness. 

  • Another weird health tip: Beat claustrophobia by sniffing green apples. Researchers at The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that claustrophobic volunteers were less anxious inside elevators that were scented with green apples. That’s because our sense of smell is hard-wired directly into our brain’s emotional center. And sharp, but pleasant smells like apples have a calming effect.

  • Finally: You might be able to prevent hay fever by shaving your moustache. Dr. Rob Hicks is the author of Beat Your Allergies. And he points out that facial hair traps allergy-causing pollen spores. So, shaving will reduce allergy symptoms. But if you can’t imagine life without your “stache” - studies show that washing your beard and moustache with soap and water twice a day also helps keep pollen under control.