In a job interview, there are lots of questions you can expect to be asked like “what’s your biggest weakness?” But here are some questions hiring managers DON’T ask, but still want to know the answers to. These come from career expert, Arnie Fertig, founder of

  • Unspoken question #1: “How well do you communicate?” Most hiring managers want people who can express themselves clearly and in a professional manner. They’ll also pay attention to your vocabulary and grammar. HOWEVER, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to blab on and on. So if they say, “Tell me about your skills,” get right to the point. Don’t go off on tangents. Instead, say something like this, “Here’s an overview: please tell me if you’d like me to go into more detail about anything I mention.” 

  • Unspoken interview question #2: “Are you comfortable in your own skin?” Career expert Fertig says they’ll be looking at verbal and non-verbal cues to figure this out. For example, if you give a firm handshake, hold eye contact and have good posture, you’ll appear confident. If you slouch, fiddle with your hair or resume, speak softly or use a lot of “ums” and “you knows,” you’ll seem unsure of yourself. 

  • One more unspoken question: “Do you CARE about this job? Or are you just looking for a paycheck?” Employers want to hire people who feel engaged in what they’re doing. They don’t want people who would take ANY job, just to pay the bills. That’s why it’s important to show them why the job makes sense for your career, but more importantly, how you’ll be helping the company by coming on board. So you could say, “It’s the perfect time for me to take a management position because I’ve been a sales leader for years. I know your company needs to branch out into national sales, and I can bring my ten years of experience with national clients.”