There’s a book out that’s busting some of the myths about our brains and how they work.

For example – women aren’t moodier than men, listening to Mozart won’t make your baby smarter, and that crazy weekend in Vegas didn’t kill your brain cells. So what is true about our brains? Here’s some intelligence from the book “Welcome to Your Brain”. 

  • For example, exercise can save your memory. Because working out feeds oxygen and glucose to your neurons, which is your brain’s main source of fuel. Exercise also helps prevent your brain from shrinking with age – which can begin as early as 30 years old! 

  • The next truth about your brain: Jet-setting causes brain damage. Why? Because when your brain has to adjust to new times zones, it releases stress hormones that can weaken the temporal lobe. And the temporal lobe is the one involved in learning. So to lessen your jet lag, spend some daylight time outside after you land. The natural light will help reset your body clock. 

  • One more truth about how our brains work: Stereotypes fog your brain. For example, when female test takers are asked to write down their gender on the first page of a math exam, their scores go down. Why? Because women know the stereotype that they’re not good at math – and by writing down their gender, they’re reminded of that and it clouds their thinking. But when the female test takers hear a lecture on famous female mathematicians before the test, their scores go up. 

The lesson: Don’t let stereotypes limit your ability!