I’ve got the top traits that’ll help land you an interview and increase your odds of getting the job. Here’s what every hiring manager is looking for:

  • #1: Persistence. Management expert Timothy Wiedman says that persistence is especially important for new grads. That means, calling the HR department to make sure they got your résumé and asking for an interview – even if you have to call back once a week. And if you get the interview, asking when you should call to follow up. And that can make a good impression because people who don’t give up easily while looking for work tend to be persistent and more productive on the job, too. 

  • Another trait that gets people hired: Ambition. Career coach Ronald Kaufman says it’s important to show employers you care about being the best at what you do. So, make sure your résumé includes the training you’ve done to update your skills and stay current. Also, companies want to know you’ll be able to get the job done. So, make sure you use the word “results” when you discuss your achievements at your previous job. For example, “I revamped the computer ordering system to include more product details. As a result, the number of returns dropped 32-percent.” 

  • And the last trait every hiring manager hopes to find: Flexibility. Career coach Andrea Ballard says that the only constant in today’s workplace is change. Which means, the skills you bring to the table now aren’t as important as your ability to change and adapt rapidly.