These days, about 30 percent of new couples meet online. If you’d like to join the club, here are a few ways to attract the right kind of attention on Facebook: 

  • First: Skip the headshots, and post action photos instead. Psychologists say that when pictures provide clues about someone’s likes or personality, we tend to rate them as more attractive. So, if you’re an athlete, posting a picture of you sliding into home plate will get more attention than an artificially-posed shot. 

  • Another way to improve your online image: Ask your friends to tone down their jokes. Researchers showed volunteers identical profile pictures, but varied the type of comments they saw about the pictures. The result: The biggest impact on the way a picture was perceived were the comments it got from other people. For example, comments like, “Looking great!” earned higher ratings than sarcastic comments like, “Wear less makeup next time, Snooki!”

  • Finally, if you want to make a good impression on Facebook, don’t include party pictures. According to a survey by eHarmony, most of us think posting pictures of ourselves in bars or at parties makes us look happy, fun and sociable. But the same survey found that the overwhelming majority of daters are turned off by profiles that emphasize wild behavior.