If you're suffering from job burnout, you're not alone, in a recent survey, half of employees said they're clocking more hours than they did last year. And most of them said they're doing more work for the same pay. Given those statistics, it's time to share 3 tips for staying sane at work:

  • First: Find meaning in your everyday tasks. Dr. Paul Baard is an organizational psychologist at Fordham University. And he says that people who make a list of how their work benefits others have lower levels of stress hormones than those who don't, because it gives their job more meaning.
  • The next tip for keeping your cool at work: Take responsibility for your career. Human resources expert Ken Pinnock says that a lot of companies have cut in-house training and educational programs. Which means, workers have to develop their own plans for acquiring the skills that'll allow them to move up the ladder at work.
  • The last tip sounds like business-speak, but it works: Don't think in terms of "problems," think "challenges." Experts say that people who approach work as an opportunity to learn are much more satisfied with their jobs. That's compared to those who see work as a series of problems to overcome in order to make money. Workers who feel challenged are also less likely to let mistakes bother them. So, they feel less pressure, get more done, and are less susceptible to job burnout.