There are dangerous toxins pretty much everywhere – and they could be putting your health at risk. So, here are 3 ways to detox your life:

#1: Buy different bed sheets. Permanent-press linens, and sheets made of a poly-cotton blend contain the preservative formaldehyde, the stuff in jars in the biology lab. It can irritate your eyes and throat. And washing the sheets doesn’t get rid of all of it. The fix: Buy untreated sheets made of 100 percent cotton.

Another toxin tip: Reduce the number of fast food wrappers, pizza boxes, and bags of microwave popcorn in your life. There’s less waste. But those types of food packages also contain chemicals that repel oil and water – which can become cancer-causing chemicals in your body.

You might also have toxins in your closet. That’s because chemicals used to dry-clean clothes can cause headaches, and uterine cancer, as well as damage your liver and kidneys. So, find a cleaner that uses liquid carbon dioxide, the same ingredient that makes sparkling water fizzy. When it’s combined with cleaning agents, it washes dirt out of clothing without leaving behind a toxic residue.