Here are tips you can use right now to catapult yourself to the top of the career ladder:

  • First: Act like you’re Patriots coach Bill Belichick. A lot of people only look for a new job once they’re unemployed. But career experts say that’s too late, because you’re more likely to be hired if you already have a job. You should compare companies to pro NFL teams.  They only want to hire someone who’s at the top of their game, with a winning record, like coach Belichick. So, the second you become a star at your current job, start networking to find an even better one. 

  • Another way to catapult yourself up the job ladder: Play up your money-making abilities. In this brutal economy, top skills and experience aren’t enough. Companies want someone who’s proven to make money – or save money. So, during your job interview, stress exactly how you’ll be able to increase profits, or cut the budget. For example, if it’s an administrative assistant position, emphasize that your 120 words-per-minute typing speed means you’ll fly through tasks so, you’ll be able to handle extra projects thrown your way.

  • And finally, if you’re offered a new position with another company, never consider a counter-offer from your current employer. You may think the offer is a sign your current employer values you. But career experts say it’s career suicide. Because from the moment you say “I’ve got a job offer,” they’ll consider you disloyal. And the offer may be just a temporary boost to keep you around long enough to hire your replacement.