I’ve got 3 easy ways to save money AND make your home healthier! Listen up:

  • First: Learn to like dandelions. Environmental health expert Dr. David Carpenter says that a lot of the weed killers and insecticides used on lawns contain chemicals that’re linked to cancer and Parkinson’s disease. But if you can’t stand the weeds, dig out the dandelions with a trowel. And sprinkle cornmeal on your flowerbeds. Cornmeal contains a compound that stops seeds from germinating. 

  • Another tip for going green and saving money: 86 your cleaning products. A lot of household chemicals are so toxic that they’re regulated by the Federal Hazardous Substance Act. And, there’s no reason to risk working with toxic chemicals when you can use natural ingredients instead, like using vinegar to clean tile, baking soda to banish soap scum, and chalk to remove grease. 

  • Finally: Avoid clothes that are dry-clean only. Debra Lynn Dadd is the author of Home Safe Home. And she says that the average person spends about $500 dollars a year on dry cleaning. And most cleaners use a chemical called “perc” that’s a possible carcinogen. For the items you can’t wash at home, find a cleaner that uses a greener, healthier method like gas saturation or computer controlled wet cleaning. I’ll put the links you need at Tesh.com.