To tip or not to tip? It seems like every place you go, people expect one. But what about if you get bad service at a restaurant, or you by a dollar coffee at the bakery, do you have to fork over another buck? Here are the answers to a few of your tipping dilemmas:

  • First: If you get bad service when eating out, should you still tip? Jodi R.R. Smith is the author of From Clueless to Class Act. And she says yes, you should. Based on the standard tip of 15 percent for average service, bad service still warrants about a 12 percent gratuity. If you don’t tip, Smith says you’re breaking a societal norm,  and it’s uncivilized. In her words, “Two rudes don’t make a right.” 

  • Next dilemma: There are tip jars everywhere. Do you have to tip everyone? Smith says no. Tip jar gratuities are for people who go above and beyond. If the guy at the ice cream parlor gives you an extra spoonful of toppings, tip him. But you can skip the person who hands you a donut at the bakery, or makes your sandwich at the deli. It’s in their job description.

  • And one last tipping dilemma: Do you need to tip for takeout food? Smith says if you’re picking the food up yourself – no. You don’t need to tip. But if the food is delivered to you, tip the delivery person about 10 percent of the bill. Even if you paid extra for delivery. That money goes to the restaurant, not the driver. Also, Smith says you should factor in the weather. If the delivery person battled pouring rain and still managed to bring you a hot meal from your favorite restaurant, they deserve a little extra.