Marriage experts say you should always be honest with your spouse.  But the way you say things can make or break your relationship. So, ladies, here are 3 things you should never say to your husband:

#1: You’re just like your father. You’re not saying it as a compliment! And psychotherapist Julie Orlov says it’ll make him worry that he picked up his dad’s worst habits. So, even if you’re annoyed that your husband’s always late with the bills, don’t compare him to his deadbeat dad who never paid child support. Instead, make a reasonable request, like: “When we get a bill, can you write the due date on the calendar so we can make sure it gets paid on time?”

Another no-no phrase: Just leave it - I’ll do it myself! Experts say it’s demeaning for any adult to hear that their efforts aren’t acceptable. And it undercuts your husband’s attempts to be a supportive, capable provider. In fact, he might think he can never do anything right. The fix: Pick your battles. Just because he doesn’t load the dishwasher the way you do, is it wrong? And does it really matter? Unless something’s about to break, or someone will get hurt, let it go.

The final thing you should never tell your husband: Ugh, we’re going out with him again? You don’t have to like your husband’s friends, but it’s hurtful to insult his choices. In fact, the more you nag, the more he’ll defend his friend. Instead, say something like: “You know I’m not into the same stuff you and Bill are. Why don’t you guys plan a guy’s night out?” Your husband might actually be relieved.