We’ve got surprising results from one of the world’s longest longevity studies. 

For the past 80 years a group of 1,500 people have had their lives, and their children’s lives combed through by researchers. The research started in 1922 – and different groups of psychology professors continued it throughout the years. 

Now there’s a book that breaks down the most important findings of the study. And here are the top three surprising things they’ve learned about living a longer, healthier life: 

  • Number one: Stressed out worrywarts don’t always die young. Why? Because neurotic or conscientious people are less likely to get themselves into dangerous situations. They’re more likely to seek help when they have health issues and remember to take prescriptions. But there’s more! Worriers may actually have different brain chemistry that makes them less susceptible to diseases!

  • Job stress is also not going to force you into an early grave. The longevity researchers found that even when people don’t LOVE their jobs, the fact that they worked hard at them was a predictor of long life. Because being productive and engaged indicates health and happiness.

  • And the final surprising finding: strenuous exercise doesn’t lead to a long life. The authors found that over the long term, doing things you really enjoy, like walking with friends or gardening, will help you stay healthier longer than running marathons.