Is your bathroom scale stuck in the red zone? Here are three surprising reasons you’re not losing weight: 

  • First: Your spouse. Dr. Edward Abramson is the author of, "Marriage Made Me Fat." And he says that, compared to singles, married people gain an extra three pounds a year. For men, once his girlfriend becomes his wife, he no longer feels the need to impress her. So exercise and good eating habits fall by the wayside. Also, when people couple-up, they start nesting, which means more ordering-in, and eating in front of the TV. And wives tend to overeat because they start matching their husbands, bite for bite. But you can make marriage work for your waistline. Studies show that cooking meals together lowers overall food intake. And replacing after-dinner TV with an evening walk will save you both at least five pounds a year.

  • Another reason you’re not losing weight: You work the night shift. On average, people gain seven pounds when they switch from days to nights. Obesity expert Dr. Jim Waterhouse says that lack of sleep increases levels of hunger hormones. So, shift workers tend to eat a large “dinner” before AND after work. The fix? Exercise when you get home, after work. Then, eat your biggest meal of the day, which is your dinner, even if it’s noon. Relax for a couple hours, get 8 hours of sleep, and begin your “workday” with a light meal high in protein, no matter what time it starts.

  • And the last diet dead end: Your friends. Nutritionist Beth Kitchin says it’s easy to overeat when you’re socializing, because you tend to pay attention to the conversation, instead of how much you’re eating. The fix: Ask your friends for their help. Experts say that recruiting your pals to join you working out and dieting can significantly improve your ability to lose weight, because you’ll hold each other accountable.