Dr. Oz is our go-to guy when it comes to heart health. And of course you know, for optimal heart health, you need to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and get away from anybody who’s smoking.  But there are some other surprisingly simple things you can do to protect your heart:

First, turn down the volume on your life. Everything from a noisy work environment to your iPod can raise your heart rate, blood pressure, stress level – and risk of heart attack and stroke. Unfortunately, noise pollution is a fact of life. But chronic exposure to sounds as low as 70 decibels – which is normal street traffic noise – can do damage. So do what you can to keep things quiet – especially at night when noise has a bigger impact on your health. And if you live in a high-traffic area, keep the windows closed and wear earplugs when possible.

Next, if you take a calcium supplement – don’t take it by itself. A study came out last year that found that taking calcium on its own increases your risk of a heart attack.  That’s because it promotes calcification of the arteries. So what you need to do is take calcium and magnesium together – to combat that effect.

Dr. Oz also says you can improve your heart health by staying away from BPA – it’s a plastic compound found in food and beverage containers. BPA raises your risk for cardiac disease. So limit your use of canned foods – the lining of the can is BPA.  Use glass, Pyrex or ceramic plates in the microwave instead of plastic and stay away from any plastics that have a number 7 on the bottom.