Forget football, movie awards and Valentine’s Day – we’re in the middle of breakup season! According to a recent dating survey of 10,000 Facebook users, there’s a huge spike of broken hearts in January and February. Basically, running from the end of the holidays, to just after Valentine’s Day.

So, why the big winter kiss-off? Experts say it has a lot to do with starting the New Year off fresh. After all, at the start of a new year, we tend to consider what we have and haven’t accomplished. And what we’d like to change about our lives. And that often includes significant others. So, here are the red flags that you might be about to have a broken heart:

  • The phone conversations have changed. For example, your partner doesn’t call or text as often as they used to. The connections are shorter, and about mundane things. like, “Don’t forget to buy milk” or “Meet me out front at 2:30.” And there are fewer personal interactions, like, “I’ve been thinking about you today.”

  • Your partner is pushing you to change, or to be more like someone else. Or you think your partner’s got faults that need fixing. If either of you are pushing for things to be different, it could mean a breakup is on the horizon.

  • You’re repeatedly wondering where your relationship stands. And asking your partner questions like, “What’s wrong?” and “What are you thinking about?” If questions about their state of mind – or potential problems – keep popping up, it could be your instincts telling you that something’s wrong. The fix? Turn the questions inward, and ask yourself for answers. If you don’t like what you find, it may simply be time to move on.