When it comes to your relationships, how much do looks really matter? 

  • Attraction Fact #1: Personality counts MORE than you think. A recent study found a strong link between the perception of attractiveness, and positive traits like honesty and kindness. In other words: if you do a lot of volunteer work, people will generally think of you as a beautiful person – even if you don’t have “top model” looks! But if you’re gorgeous yet constantly rude to others, people will perceive you as unattractive.

  • Attraction Fact #2: How you walk says a lot. Last year, Texas A&M studied the effect that our movements have on how we’re judged physically. And researchers found that women who walk with a slight sway to their hips are 50-percent more likely to be rated “attractive” by men. Meanwhile, guys who add a little swagger in their shoulders and stride, are TWICE as likely to be rated “attractive” by women.

  • And one final rule of attraction: Looks don’t last. Whatever you think about “love at first sight,” long-term relationships are ALWAYS based on more than looks. So if you plan to be with someone for the long haul, consider their character first, that’ll never need a facelift!