Are wedding bells in your future? Hold it right there. Relationship experts say you could go directly from the chapel to divorce court if you’re getting married for the wrong reasons. And here they are:

  • Reason #1 not to get married: You've been dating “forever.” It’s called the “sliding not deciding” phenomenon, and psychologists say it’s when couples get married simply because they feel like they “should” since they’ve been together so long. But experts say those marriages are doomed, because you should only marry someone that you can’t live without, not someone that you “feel like you should” marry. 

  • Then, are you getting married because you’re having a baby together? You may think it’ll make your relationship stronger, but a baby puts a large amount of stress on even rock solid relationships. And if you weren’t planning on getting married before  you got pregnant, then your odds of divorcing are sky high. In fact, a National Fatherhood Initiative study found that divorce is most common among people who marry before they're 21 years old, and among couples that marry because of pregnancy.

  • And the final bad reason to get married: Your friends and family want you to. Even if all of your loved ones say that your partner is a “great catch,” experts say only you know every facet of their personality, and whether or not they’re long-term material.