Tough times call for desperate measures at restaurants. The industry is trying so hard to keep some customers happy that they’re making new rules that could drive others away! So here we go with the top three new annoying restaurant rules:

  • Number one: no kids allowed! Sure, it’s nice to dine kid-free sometimes, but banning babies means families that want to go out together don’t have as many options as they used to. And it adds an extra expense. Baby sitters don’t come cheap these days, they can be as much as $20 an hour! So you’re adding up to $60 to the cost of a night out! When was the last time a child ate a $60 meal in a restaurant?

  • Next annoying restaurant rule: limits on dining time. Busy restaurant don’t want diners, who are waiting, to head somewhere else because of an hour-long wait for a table. So they’re setting a time limit on tables. Sure, no one likes to wait for a table but lingering over a meal you’re paying for should be your right!

  • And the third annoying restaurant rule: no cell phones or cameras. Some restaurants will even add a few dollars do a customer’s bill if they see them talking on the phone or taking pictures. And, sure, it’s annoying when someone is having a loud cell phone conversation at the table next to you, but unless you’re making a scene why should the restaurant care?

I want you to weigh in on this. What’s the most annoying new restaurant rule? No kids, dining time limits or no cell phones and cameras? Hit me up at