Health fads are usually a recipe for a health disaster. But nutritionists say, there’s usually one good lesson in even the craziest health fads. And if you can take-away that one valuable nugget from each crazy diet – you CAN improve your health. For example: 

  • Take the raw food craze. That’s where you eat nothing heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, or about half the temperature of boiling water. But if you do that, you miss out on valuable nutrients that are only released when food is heated. Plus, the absence of any animal products can leave you low on protein, B-vitamins, calcium and iron. But if you simply try to add more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet – instead of going full-bore, then you’ll get more of the fiber and nutrients your body needs. 

  • What about the juicing fad? You eat no solid food, and drink only juice made from raw vegetables, fruit juice, and water. You may drop weight fast, but you won’t get the nutrition you need, and you won’t do any so-called cleansing. However, replacing one meal a day with vegetable juice is a perfectly healthy way to get more vitamins, as long as you’re eating fiber and protein at your other meals.

  • So, are there good lessons from the fitness crazes? Absolutely, take marathons. They’re more popular than they’ve ever been. Participation is up over 8 percent. But you shouldn’t just go out and attempt to run a marathon. You need at least one to two years of running under your belt before you even begin training for one! So if you just start running with a marathon as your exercise goal, you may be setting yourself up for a serious injury. Instead, build up strength and distance gradually – and work with a running coach. Because running is great for you, physically and mentally, if you do it right.